The Flame of Love and THE SALVATION OF SOULS

Ireland has a strong tradition of praying for and making sacrifices for  the Holy Souls in Purgatory, particularly inNovember. Our Lady told Elizabeth that when the Hail Mary was prayed three times including the invocation spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all humanity a soul would be released from Purgatory.

In November, TEN SOULS are released for each FLAME OF LOVE HAIL MARY.

The Holy Souls undergo a period of purification from sin in Purgatory to attain the holiness needed, through the grace of God, to enter into His presence in Heaven. When the Flame of Love spreads over humanity it also extends to the souls in Purgatory. When we unite ourselves to Jesus in praying the Flame of Love Hail Mary, we play our part in the communion of saints, as pilgrims on earth, in helping those in Purgatory attain full remission. The effect of grace through Jesus is to complete their sanctification and so allow them to take the final step to union with God.

Jesus and Our Lady Promise that through The Flame of Love:

JESUS: Whoever practices this fast will themselves be freed within eight days after their death.

MARY: If a family keeps a holy hour on Thursday or Friday, and someone in that family dies, the person will be freed from Purgatory after one day of the fast kept by a family member.

MARY: I will blind Satan so this Flame will save the dying from eternal damnation.

JESUS: Each time you fast, you will free a priest’s soul from purgatory.

JESUS: Through this prayer, Satan will be blind and souls will not be led into sin.

MARY: If at any moment, someone prays three Hail Mary’s in my honor, while referring to the Flame of Love, they will free a soul from purgatory.

JESUS: With my Flame of Love I want the home to come alive again with love. I want to unite scattered families.

MARY: I, the beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan. No dying soul should be condemned. My Flame of Love will now be lit.

JESUS: When I encounter one holy person, I pardon many.

MARY: When the Flame of Love pours out, my love will destroy the satanic hatred that contaminates the world. The greatest number of souls will be set free.

JESUS: By observing this fast, priests will be freed from purgatory on the eighth day after their death.

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