During this month of November, we want to remind Flame of Love Devotees and those new to the Flame of Love Movement about Our Blessed Mother’s promise to Elizabeth Kindelmann for the souls of the faithful who are in Purgatory.

The Blessed Mother said to Elizabeth: “Whenever My Flame of Love is invoked and three Hail Mary’s are recited in My honor, a soul is released from Purgatory. During November, the month of the deceased, ten souls will be released from Purgatory for each Hail Mary recited. Suffering souls must also feel the effect of grace of the Flame of Love of My maternal Heart.” (13 October 1962)

My Flame of Love which from My Heart I wish to spread on you in an increasingly large measure also extends to the souls in Purgatory. Pay good attention to what I am saying, write My words down and hand them over to the concerned persons: Families doing the hour of atonement on Thursdays or Fridays will received the special grace of delivering from Purgatory, within eight days, one deceased member of their family after one single day of severe fasting.” [on bread and water] (24 September 1963)

JESUS:Whoever fasts on Monday on bread and water while referring to the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary delivers the soul of a priest from Purgatory. Also, he who follows that prescription will receive the grace, during the octave following his death, to be delivered from Purgatory by My Mother”.

MARY (added later)“For all those who observe absolute fasting regularly on Monday, they can cease it at 6.00 p.m. But instead, they must pray on the same day a five-decade Rosary for the souls in Purgatory.”

MARY: “The priests who observe the fasting on Monday release during each Holy Mass they celebrate during that week, at the moment of consecration, innumerable souls from Purgatory. The religious and the laity who observe absolute fasting on Monday will deliver during that week, every time they receive Communion and at the time they receive the Sacred Body of the Lord, a host of souls from Purgatory.” (August 15, 1980)

 “You see, My daughter, when the Flame of Love of My Heart is inflamed upon the earth, its outpouring of graces flows out to the dying as well. Satan is blinded and with the help of your fervent prayers, Satan’s fight against the dying will cease. Under the serene beam of My Flame of Love, even the most hardened sinners are converted for I do not want any soul to be lost… Make sure that not a single minute goes by during the night without prayer. As long as there is someone awake and praying in honour of My Flame of Love, I promise you that not a single dying person in their surroundings will be damned. The more fervently you pray, the more thoroughly will Satan be blinded, and the dying soul will find renewed strength to decide wisely as to her future destiny.”

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Announcing: New Monthly Online Retreat Series BUILDING ON SOLID ROCK

Our Blessed Mother is calling you to spread the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart to drive out evil by the effect of grace!

Announcing “Building on Solid Rock” – a Monthly online Flame of Love Retreat series hosted by John Sullivan, Assistant International Coordinator of the Flame of Love Movement. The first of the four part series begins on Saturday 12th November 2022 at 1PM to 3PM and will be hosted LIVE on the USA YouTube Channel, Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary United States.

This 4-part, monthly online series will be a deep dive into the prayers and practices of the Flame of Love in light of the gospel, the scriptures, and the teachings of the Church to help you spread the Flame of Love to your family, friends, neighbours, and priests.

MARY: “My Flame of Love will blind Satan to the same extent that all of you spread it around the world.”

Attendance is free but registration is required to receive the participation materials.  To register, email your interest to

We will email you the participation materials before each event. 

We pray that we see many of you there as we delve more deeply into our Lady’s Flame of Love. You May download the IRISH PDF Here if you would like to share this invitation with others.

MARY“Put immediately into action the outpouring of graces of my Flame of Love. To your group, I give a wonderful strength to all and to each one in particular. Your responsibility is great but your work will not be in vain. There must not be a single soul missing in this common effort. The soft light of my Flame of Love will light up, spreading fire over the entire surface of the earth. Satan, humiliated and reduced to powerlessness, will not be able to exercise his power. However, do not seek to prolong these birth pangs.”

(November 27, 1963)



JESUS: "Let no creature come between us. Write down my words so others realise that they can only possess God if they come far away from all earthly noise."

 The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary devotees have 24-hour access to a perpetual vigil room! Many people do not know this. Please feel free to respectfully visit. Many have shared that they like to go for their NIGHT VIGILS. When there, you may pray in silence or join in prayer with others as there are times that a cenacle may be using the room from another country.


Click on THIS LINK to enter the Perpetual Vigil Room. 

If you would like to Download these Vigil Room Guidelines, please click HERE.



  • Unlike in a perpetual ADORATION ROOM, in this VIGIL Room, it is not mandatory to remain in complete silence. This is is because it is dedicated to public, communal, vocal prayer.

  • To prevent accidental interruption of prayer, your audio and video are automatically muted when you enter the room. You may unmute if you choose.

  • When entering the room, if a cenacle group in in the process of prayer, please join in!

  • When entering the room, you will be asked to allow access to your microphone and camera, please allow this. (This permission is just for the room and will NOT allow the entire Internet access.)

  • Invite intentions from others at appropriate times (for example, between mysteries.) If the room is empty, you may pray as you like.

  • When others join, please use known prayers such as the Flame of Love Rosary or other associated prayers.

  • If you are leading a prayer and need to depart, please request that someone take your place.

  • If there is excessive noise on your line, one of your Prayerful Companions may mute you. To speak, you will need to unmute.

“I want the holy night vigils – by which I want to save the souls of the dying – to be organised in every parish so there is not even one moment without someone praying in a vigil. This is the instrument that I place in your hands. By this, you and your companions will save the souls of the dying from eternal damnation. By the light of my Flame of Love, Satan will remain blind.” 9 July 1965

Click on THIS LINK to enter the Perpetual Vigil Room. The PDF of the Vigil room Guidelines can  be found HERE.



If you would like to have The Flame of Love Prayers handy when you are in the Perpetual Vigil Room, you may download the Irish Cenacle Prayers or the Irish Flame of Love Reference Booklet (which includes the Cenacle Prayers, The Flame of Love 9 Day Novena, The Chaplet of My Adored Jesus and more).

My Adored Jesus, help us to never to lose the desire for holiness and union with You!


The Flame of Love and THE SALVATION OF SOULS

Ireland has a strong tradition of praying for and making sacrifices for  the Holy Souls in Purgatory, particularly inNovember. Our Lady told Elizabeth that when the Hail Mary was prayed three times including the invocation spread the effect of grace of thy Flame of Love over all humanity a soul would be released from Purgatory.

In November, TEN SOULS are released for each FLAME OF LOVE HAIL MARY.

The Holy Souls undergo a period of purification from sin in Purgatory to attain the holiness needed, through the grace of God, to enter into His presence in Heaven. When the Flame of Love spreads over humanity it also extends to the souls in Purgatory. When we unite ourselves to Jesus in praying the Flame of Love Hail Mary, we play our part in the communion of saints, as pilgrims on earth, in helping those in Purgatory attain full remission. The effect of grace through Jesus is to complete their sanctification and so allow them to take the final step to union with God.

Jesus and Our Lady Promise that through The Flame of Love:

JESUS: Whoever practices this fast will themselves be freed within eight days after their death.

MARY: If a family keeps a holy hour on Thursday or Friday, and someone in that family dies, the person will be freed from Purgatory after one day of the fast kept by a family member.

MARY: I will blind Satan so this Flame will save the dying from eternal damnation.

JESUS: Each time you fast, you will free a priest’s soul from purgatory.

JESUS: Through this prayer, Satan will be blind and souls will not be led into sin.

MARY: If at any moment, someone prays three Hail Mary’s in my honor, while referring to the Flame of Love, they will free a soul from purgatory.

JESUS: With my Flame of Love I want the home to come alive again with love. I want to unite scattered families.

MARY: I, the beautiful Ray of Dawn, will blind Satan. No dying soul should be condemned. My Flame of Love will now be lit.

JESUS: When I encounter one holy person, I pardon many.

MARY: When the Flame of Love pours out, my love will destroy the satanic hatred that contaminates the world. The greatest number of souls will be set free.

JESUS: By observing this fast, priests will be freed from purgatory on the eighth day after their death.


The FIRST All-Ireland Conference and LAUNCH of the Flame of Love Movement Ireland

The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Movement ‘officially launched’ at our first All-Ireland Conference on 7 May 2022 in Newry, N. Ireland.

This was the first time that devotees who had been praying together during COVID lockdowns throughout the preceding year were able to meet face-to-face after Paul Ogelsby first introduced Virtual Cenacles to Ireland (with help from the USA and Canadian Movements and John Sullivan III, The International Director of Communication and Dissemination – who many may recognise from The Flame of Love training videos).

The Conference was organised by a small volunteer working group and John Sullivan – who travelled to Ireland from his home in the USA fir this official launch. The first National Director, Kielty Oberlin, and the whole leadership team was announced at the Conference in Newry. (Geraldine Halton, Secretary; Joe Sheehan, Treasurer; Frances Devaney, Spokesperson and Eileen Boden, Spokesperson). Others who were part of the working group included; Marie B Kelly, Dymphna Largey and Alice Gibson.

Since that time, the working group has continued to heed Our Lady’s call to spread her Flame far and wide. We are in the process of establishing the Flame of Love Movement as an Irish Charity and coordinating more efficient communication with all who are interested in learning more about the Flame of Love (this website is one of these methods). We are also making sure to build a database of all interested in hearing about latest developments (Including: our upcoming Formation Retreats, Thursday Global Reparation Hours, introducing New Cenacles through email, social media and a newsletter). Please fill out our contact form so that you are sure to hear about what is happening within the Flame of Love Movement in Ireland and beyond! Please let us know if you have begun an in-person Flame of Love Prayer Cenacle (or would like to) and we are grateful to help.

Untitled (Note Card) (Note Card)

Explaining the UNITY PRAYER

Jesus taught Elizabeth The Unity Prayer. It includes every aspect of the human person (our thoughts, our feelings and actions). It expresses Jesus’ desire that we allow Him to live in us completely – in every moment of every day. True spirituality is not just trying to do God’s will, but allowing Jesus, living in you by grace, to do God’s will. Following the way of life described in the the Flame of Love and the Unity Prayer, quickly moves one to deep union with Jesus as we literally participate in His life by allowing Him in ours.

ELIZABETH shared in her Diary:

“Then the sweet Redeemer asked me to pray with Him the prayer that expresses His deepest desires: I made this prayer completely mine. The Lord meditated on it many times with me, asserting that these are His eternal longings. He taught me this prayer, so that I would in turn teach it to others. With all our strength and mind, let us make our own His eternal thoughts and burning desires.”

 JESUS said about this prayer:

JESUS: “This prayer is an instrument in your hands. By collaborating with Me, Satan will be blinded by it; and because of his blindness, souls will not be led into sin.”

JESUS: “Through this prayer, Satan will be blind and souls will not be led into sin. ( p.25 ) 

The LORD explained: “Satan being blind signifies a worldwide triumph of my Sacred Heart, the freedom of souls and a full opening of the road of salvation.” (p. 87)

It is by the virtue of the great outpouring of grace in the Flame of Love movement, that it is a rocket ride to sanctity. This prayer is a shortcut. It reveals at the beginning, what many saints only discovered at the end. Jesus wants the joy of obeying His Father again. He asks you to allow him this gift.

If you would like to download the PDF Irish Flame of Love UNITY PRAYER CARD to print and distribute, you are welcome to do so. 

We encourage everyone to read The Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann. You may obtain a copy from,, Book Depository. However, in the meantime, you may read a copy of the Abridged Version on the Flame of Love Movement, IRELAND’s Website HERE.