Introduction to the Flame of Love


The Movement of Grace

One of the great challenges we have when presenting the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the assumption it is another of many Marian devotions or about the words of another mystic. The Flame of Love is not about the messenger nor the messages; it is all about grace. In fact, we refer to the Flame of Love as the Movement of Grace built upon the Movement of Mercy – the two great Movements given to the Church at this time for what the world needs most is Mercy and Grace.

This is why the Flame of Love Movement is for everyone and not just those in the apostolate of the Flame of Love - because grace is for everyone. The purpose of the Flame of Love is not to compete with other ministries but to strengthen every ministry in the Church, every person in the Church, every family in the Church, by a renewed commitment to a life of grace – to bring every person into such deep intimacy and union with Jesus by the effect of grace that the influence of Satan on our families, communities, country, Church, and world is driven out and souls are saved. In the vocabulary of the Flame of Love, this is called blinding Satan, i.e., so that he loses his influence over souls.



"My Little Sunflower"

In giving the Flame of Love to the Church on April 13, 1962 through Elizabeth Kindelmann, a widowed mother of six and Secular Carmelite in Communist Hungary, Mary said this would be the greatest outpouring of graces since the Word was made flesh. She told us the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart is not a what but a who: Jesus himself. It is all about Jesus; it has always been about Jesus; it will always be about Jesus. She also said this would be her greatest miracle ever – greater than Fatima or Lourdes because it would not be a miracle in one place with a great sanctuary built in remembrance but the miracle of making every family a sanctuary – a holy place filled with Jesus by the effect of grace and that, when the world sees Jesus fully present in countless lives around the world, it will finally take notice. Jesus, The Flame of Love, vibrantly alive in families by grace is the miracle.

The MISSION of the Flame of Love Movement


The objective of all heavenly interventions is the salvation of souls. As we look around, we can see, and are at the same time subject to, the great movement of militant atheistic materialism in all its forms taking place. There are many evident signs of Satan's activity in the world. God is Truth, Beauty and Goodness and as St John so often reminds us, God is Love. The Flame of Love is the antidote to these malign influences.


Jesus said: ‘The Church is in great danger and you cannot remedy the situation with earthly means or efforts. The Most Holy Trinity and the Holy Virgin alone, the Angels and all the Saints, and with the assistance of all the souls delivered by you from Purgatory, are still able to provide for the needs of the Militant Church.’


The effect of devotion to the Flame of Love is to make our parishes, families, and lives so full of Jesus by the power of grace, that Satan’s influence on our families and surrounding communities is broken. Once freed from the blinding influence of Satan, our families and communities are much more open the gospel and the way of salvation. Thus we ask our Blessed Mother to:
“Spread the effect of grace of your Flame of Love over all of humanity”


To Blind Satan

When we blind Satan, we give humanity a chance to choose God
The diary highlights and actually describes this gift as Elizabeth was able to blind Satan, making him powerless and freeing those who felt his oppression.

To Save the Family

This is especially true of FAMILY MEMBERS
The diary contains many promises concerning the family. Our Lady told Elizabeth that she was chosen specifically because she was a mother and understood suffering for her family. The Flame of Love encourages establishing family prayer sanctuaries

To Save all Souls

This includes our Families, our parishes and entire communities
To convert the world through the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The flame is meant for all of humanity, even those who are not yet baptized. Our Lady promised many miracles which all would realize took place, without any elaborate investigation.

The Flame of Love Movement in IRELAND

We Officially Launched on 7 May 2022

The Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Movement ‘officially launched’ at our first All-Ireland Conference on 7 May 2022 in Newry, N. Ireland. (See our Statues for more information on the organisation of the Movement).

This was the first time that devotees who had been praying together during COVID lockdowns throughout the preceding year were able to meet face-to-face after Paul Ogelsby first introduced Virtual Cenacles to Ireland (with help from the USA and Canadian Movements and John Sullivan III, The International Director of Communication and Dissemination – who many may recognise from The Flame of Love training videos).

The Conference was organised by a small volunteer working group and John Sullivan – who travelled to Ireland from his home in the USA to support us. The first National Director, Kielty Oberlin, and the whole leadership team was announced at the Conference in Newry. (Geraldine Halton, Secretary; Joe Sheehan, Treasurer; Frances Devaney, Spokesperson and Eileen Boden, Spokesperson. Others who were part of the working group included; Marie B Kelly, Dymphna Largey and Alice Gibson.) 

Since that time, the working group has continued to heed Our Lady’s call to spread her Flame far and wide. We are in the process of establishing the Flame of Love Movement as an Irish Charity (which is still pending) and coordinating more efficient communication with all who are interested in learning more about the Flame of Love (this website is one of these methods). We are also making sure to build a database of all interested in hearing about latest developments (Including: our upcoming Formation Retreats Series – Building on Solid Rock, Thursday Global Reparation Hours, introducing New Cenacles to name a few, through email, social media and a newsletter). Please fill out our contact form so that you are sure to hear about what is happening within the Flame of Love Movement in Ireland and beyond! Please let us know if you have begun an in-person Flame of Love Prayer Cenacle (or would like to) and we are grateful to help.

Do you have a desire to help further the Spread of Our Lady’s Flame of Love across all of humanity? We are also always looking for VOLUNTEERS and are grateful for any help. Our Working Group meets on the last Tuesday of every month directly following the 7:30 PM Cenacle and ALL ARE WELCOME!